Atelier House Hospitality launches the TIDES Bar at Marea DIFC

Atelier House Hospitality is set to launch Tides, a chic new underground bar at DIFC. This upscale bar located at the bottom of Marea will bring a unique New York vibe to the city, combining fun and elegance, inviting patrons to party late into the night. Open exclusively Thursday through Saturday from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., TIDES Bar will transport guests to the vibrant 90s hip-hop scene juxtaposed with a luxurious atmosphere.

Taking inspiration from the Italian word Marea which translates to “tide” in English was the starting point for the conceptualization of the place. Tides evokes a mood-changing feeling, refreshing old and new, and bringing new friends and acquaintances and untold possibilities. TIDES takes guests under the sea with contrasting amber pop art reminiscent of New York’s art deco pop scene brought to life on alternate walls. It’s also designed with nautical decor pieces scattered throughout the space, complemented by blue-lit glass bubbles hanging from thin ropes from the upper floor to the lower floor cascading towards the bar entrance. TIDES. At opposite ends of the main marble bar are holographic octopus lights that complement the high ceiling with a large octopus chandelier placed above the bar. The center of the bar features a handful of plush blue velvet chairs, marble coffee tables, and bar stools that can seat around 40-50 people. Intimate seating enhances the metropolitan vibe of TIDES and provides the perfect front-row view for all guests. Here, we’re charting a new wave for restaurant culture with exquisite bar bites by talented executive chef Yunus Emre Aydin, 90s hip hop music and privileged service accented by resident DJs.

An ode to oceans and seas, the TIDES cocktail menu highlights each of the geographic bodies of water with each cocktail inspired by one of the world’s 7 seas and 5 oceans. The Mixologist Book has been curated under the able guidance of maestros Danylo Hutsal and Cindy Lalramngaihzuali. The former is a hospitality veteran with over 10 years of experience in some of the most popular nightlife spots in the UAE, such as Tiki Restaurant & Lounge in Abu Dhabi and the former Indie Lounge & Bar at the DIFC. Cindy is a bartender and mixologist at Marea with an impressive career that includes her tenure at Indian Bar Hoots’, which recently made the top 26 of Asia’s Best 50 Bars. This rigid book is available exclusively at the bar and offers 7 cocktail recipes. A highlight of the menu is the Arabian Sea made from arak and vodka with a hint of sage and a tropical twist of refreshing grapefruit served in a special blue glass.

Atelier House Hospitality General Manager Panchali Mahendra said, “TIDES has been a passion project for over a year, and it is a pleasure to finally see it come to fruition. This launch is the wonderful culmination of the entire Atelier House Hospitality team coming together to add a new spark to the DIFC nightlife scene. The venue is unique in Dubai as we realized it lacked an upscale New York-style bar with a refined vibe that was attractive and lively for the after-hours crowd. We’ve made sure to maintain the high standard expected of the Marea brand, but inject some intrigue. “

Recently appointed General Manager, Petra Peternel, said of the opening, “I am very excited to lead our spectacular team to launch TIDES Bar and add excitement and a vibrant atmosphere to Marea. TIDES Bar is more than just a place for cocktails, bites and good company – it’s about breaking old routines and doing something daring…. changing tides.

TIDES Bar is poised to become Dubai’s go-to destination for a taste of New York in Dubai. Join TIDES Bar from 1st July to uncover a story of rarefied worlds colliding to create a seamless yet upscale nightlife experience.