Deliverect and Qoot team up to empower restaurants in Saudi Arabia

Deliverect, a global scale that simplifies digital ordering for more than 25,000 locations in 40 markets, announces its partnership with Qoot, the association of cafes and restaurants in the Kingdom, to provide positive information to the F&B sector on how they can improve their operations and increase their income.

In line with the country’s Vision 2030 goals to reduce dependence on oil by diversifying its economy, the F&B industry continues to thrive and today plays an important role in the country’s overall economy, with its value reaching 45 billion USD. dollars. In fact, the Saudi General Authority for Investment predicts that the entire restaurant industry will continue to grow at a rate of 6% per year.

Through the partnership between Deliverect and Qoot, restaurants will have access to the latest technology needed to provide their customers with a top-notch dining experience while seamlessly managing their online orders from a single screen. With the right infrastructure and innovation, restaurants can ensure operational efficiency, staff productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Naji Haddad, Managing Director Middle East, Deliverect: “We see the F&B sector booming and with the rise of online ordering, industry players should have the tools that will give them a competitive edge. At Deliverect, our goal is to make it easy for restaurants to manage their digital orders so they can provide their customers with great food and a seamless customer experience.It’s equally important to us to help them eliminate manual entry, order errors and service delays to focus on what they do best: serving great food. Our partnership with Qoot will surely help us realize this vision in Saudi Arabia.”

Prince Waleed bin Nasser Al Saud, Qoot Association: “The Qoot association was founded on the indisputable fact that the F&B sector is a hidden gem within the Kingdom. Since its inception, our members have dedicated their efforts to elevating the industry and achieving Vision 2030. In support of this goal, the Qoot Association is partnering with Deliverect to improve the online ordering process by introducing tools that will allow Qoot members to improve their food delivery service and customer experience. We are confident that this partnership will enable our members to efficiently manage their digital orders and eliminate all forms of service delays, thereby improving the Saudi business ecosystem.

Among its largest and most recent technological advancements that will significantly enable restaurants and even dark kitchens, Deliverect has expanded its marketplace (formerly known as the App Store) to include virtual brands. With the new Virtual Brands division, Deliverect Marketplace seamlessly connects restaurants and dark kitchens to digital-only suppliers, opening the door to more opportunities for their own businesses.