Famed salmon guru opens Dubai outpost

Dubai is set to welcome a concept never before seen in the Middle East, as Salmon Guru opens its doors to the public. Local night owls, cocktails and foodies join the party for an Instagram bar feast. Named to express the ability to go upstream and against the tide; Salmon Guru is a concept that celebrates the rebellious salmon mantra. The most fun part? They don’t serve salmon!

Elements Hospitality, a UAE-based F&B venture started by Jad Aboujaoude and Farah George Farah, has partnered with the Salmon Guru team to bring the original concept to Dubai. “We are thrilled to bring the Salmon Guru brand to life in the Middle East. It has been so much fun working with Diego Cabrera and his team to make this happen. We’re big fans of Diego’s fun approach to cocktails. What he has done for the bar scene is truly special and we are thrilled to help bring Salmon Guru to audiences in the UAE. We are super excited to open the doors to everyone here.”

The man behind the creativity and design of Salmon Guru is the legendary figurehead of the bar industry, Diego Cabrera. His vision is to bring his fun and intimate yet laid back European experience to Dubai. In 2016 he opened Salmon Guru Madrid and received the award for best opening of the year in Spain. Last year, Salmon Guru Madrid was voted 24th among the world’s 50 best bars and won Michter’s Art of Hospitality award.

Inspired by the original Salmon Guru in Madrid, Diego Cabrera personally designed this place and poured all his creativity and experience into his first project outside of Spain. He commented on his first opening in the UAE; “Salmon Guru is, to put it simply, a fun, elevated and very different bar expression! We like to go against the grain and the opening of Salmon Guru in the Middle East is certainly an “out of the ordinary” initiative for us. Nobody expected it. Now is the right time to share our unique cocktail bar vision with everyone in Dubai. Diego has handpicked and trained his team to ensure that the quality and level of service truly replicates the caliber of drinks, world class service and atmosphere found in Madrid. It’s five-star drink service married to neon bubblegum energy.

Patrons can immerse themselves in the unique drink execution by sitting in or behind the detailed open bar stations. One thing is for sure, everyone at Salmon Guru can feel like they’ve embarked on a fantastic journey. From start to finish, lounge lizards can expect exotic cocktails created before their eyes with a variety of balanced batches and sophisticated concoctions.

The venue itself, though intimate, combines three distinct vibes. There’s a ’60s Tropical Speakeasy section, an Asian Night Market, and a comic book-themed area.

Sitting in the 60s-inspired tropical section, patrons can listen to the eclectic tunes and marvel at the skilled and engaging bartenders. The “Asian Night” area is a market-inspired space that has an exclusive feel, tucked away at the back of the bar for some much-needed privacy. Finally, tapping into everyone’s childhood, there’s also a vibrant cartoon feel that comes to life with bright neon lights and retro comics. Oh, and there’s a terrace for those looking for a bit of the outdoors. In short, the place is ready to please a carefree evening topped with a healthy dose of escapism.

The witty and vibrant place screams “Instagrammable.” Patrons won’t be able to resist whipping out their phones to take a selfie with the skilled bartenders, to capture the glowing lanterns or the extravagant cocktails. Things are done differently at Salmon Guru and attention is paid to detail. It’s a place to inspire intimacy between guests that promises a vibrant and convivial European-style cocktail experience that lasts long into the night and lasts even longer in the memory.

On the drinks menu, patrons will find surreal, finely balanced signature drinks, with custom glasses that resemble tree frogs, glow-in-the-dark lotus flowers, and anthropomorphic fish. Cabrera has specially curated the Dubai menu and introduced a new signature cocktail only available exclusively in the Middle East. This menu will serve the original signatures that are also on the Madrid list.

Dubai’s cocktail menu ticks the box for all types of cravings covering sweet, sour, strong and downright crazy. Apart from drinks, Salmon Guru also offers a selection of wonderfully prepared bites. And no – they don’t serve salmon!!!

Located at The Opus by OMNIYAT designed by Zaha Hadid, in Business Bay, guests can experience a revolutionary cocktail called Salmon Guru, open from May 28, 2022. Reservations are advised.