Fine dining meets art at TROVE, now open at Dubai Mall

Now open at The Dubai Mall, THE TROVE is a unique place where fine dining meets art. Famous Dubai restaurateurs and renowned entrepreneurs Orkan Doganci and Ahmet Oytun Cakir have joined in an ultimate partnership to create a unique concept for Dubai’s culinary scene.

THE TROVE offers precision-crafted global cuisine with the finest ingredients, as well as curated art installations by the world’s most respected modern contemporary artists. With three sections to choose from, each offering its own unique experience, customers can dine in the restaurant, relax in the shisha lounge or check out Dubai Mall’s largest terrace, providing a front row seat to the biggest show. of fountains in the world and an up-close experience of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa.

The dining program at THE TROVE is curated by Cordon Bleu-trained Chef Doğukan Duguncu, who shares his enthusiasm for guests to experience a menu as diverse as his art. The food will showcase the founders’ vision inspired by extensive travel and fueled by passion. In an effort to bridge the diversity, diners will have a near endless selection of the finest North and South American, Pan-Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern gastronomy to choose from, each with a unique plating fueled by the exceptional creations of artists Adrien Miller. and Andreu Carulla. Globally acclaimed product and concept designer Andreu Carulla has specially designed an innovative veneer for THE TROVE guests that will accentuate the overall dining and presentation experience.

Talking about his inspiration for the menu, Chef Doğukan said “I want all nationalities and all groups of people to come to TROVE and trust that there will be something for them. Much like the arts on the wall, our menu will reflect our artistic vision of food. Art brings people together, just like food, we want to create something everyone can enjoy with a focus on the freshest ingredients and the best culinary skills.

The avant-garde aesthetic venue will provide guests with endless opportunities to capture unforgettable moments. A floral throne centerpiece designed by talented New York florist Mr Flower Fantastic; famous for his impressive ingenuity in the way he mixes floristry, sculpture and design. World-renowned urban mythology artist duo Pichiavo, known for their famously skillful interpretation of old sculptures and ancient paintings in new urban settings, including Michelangelo’s famous head of David, will have a residence larger than nature at THE TROVE with a signature glow in the dark graffiti that changes shape depending on the time of day, setting the mood for an airy afternoon lunch or moody extravaganza at night.

Speaking about the launch, Orkan Doganci and Ahmet Oytun Cakir both echoed, “It’s been a long journey of passion for us, we wanted to bring something truly unique to Dubai and we can’t wait to share our latest adventure with everyone. world.

Now open in the luxury fashion avenue of The Dubai Mall, THE TROVE is a vision brought to life by passion, a collaboration of the world’s most renowned contemporary street artists and culinary masters in one space. This pioneering project aims to open minds to a new way of eating and seeing art.