‘Fresh and honest quality’ at the Sawtell Hotel – News Of The Area

Enjoy a combination of pub classics and seafood specialties at the Sawtell Hotel.

HOW would you best describe a dining experience at the Sawtell Hotel?

“The dining experience is pleasant and relaxed.

“We have a wide variety of guests who come daily from locals, families, date nights to big events.

“Because we have multiple dining rooms, there is always a suitable place for every occasion,” said Carl Mower, Group Manager – Coffs Coast, W. Short Hospitality.

Who is behind the menu? What inspires the style of food on offer?

“Our team of chefs serve fresh and honest quality food while keeping value for money in mind.

“We have a menu with much-loved pub classics, which we complement with a large amount of daily specials with a big emphasis on sustainable seafood and local produce while drawing inspiration from cuisines around the world,” said Carl said.

What does the Chef recommend and what does he like to eat at home?

“Our chefs highly recommend whole fresh fish on our menu, but be sure to check out the ever-changing specialties as we have some amazing dishes based on what local fishermen have caught.

“When our chef Karen is at home, she likes to eat simple, healthy dishes like grilled salmon with mixed vegetables tossed in an Asian-inspired ginger, soy and tamarind vinaigrette,” Carl said.

Can you tell us a bit about the history of the Hotel?

“The Sawtell Hotel has been at the heart of the charming little seaside community of Sawtell since 1932.

“Sawtell is a bustling town full of families, surfers and holidaymakers and it’s hard not to fall in love with the town and what it has to offer.

“Being just steps from the beach, it’s easy to see why this location was perfect for opening a hotel with a relaxed, family atmosphere.

“For us, the restaurant and its menu should reflect the atmosphere and the location.

“Hence the combination of pub classics and seafood specialties,” Carl said.

Enjoy a combination of pub classics and seafood specialties at the Sawtell Hotel.