Glenfiddich celebrates the power of growth through risk

Glenfiddich, Scotland’s fifth-generation family-owned distillery, celebrates its vigorous growth through risk with an immersive event at Aura Skypool, Palm Jumeirah. This June 29 sensory experience aims to unite those who embody the maverick spirit of Glenfiddich and reward them through an experience that recognizes, explores and celebrates the power of growth through risk.

Reflecting the psyche of Glenfiddich, the Aura Skypool is the perfect place for a unique experience, activating all the senses and capturing the energy of Glenfiddich to new heights. Suspended 200 meters in the air where opulence meets comfort, guests can expect an exclusive yet eclectic experience. The venue offers incredible views of Dubai’s iconic skyline, Palm Jumeriah and the glittering Arabian Gulf skyline.

A spirit that can never be broken with its unwavering Maverick essence, the brand uses The Stag as a symbol of Glenfiddich’s mindset and resilient nature while “uniting those who embrace uncertainty in search of growth “. Differentiating itself by presenting authentic stories of local individuals who constitute the brand, an evocative environment will be created. Drawing inspiration from the atmosphere and sounds of the brand presentation, guests will be greeted with drinks upon arrival, then guided through Glenfiddich’s milestones, from risk to growth, through true, proven anecdotes by heroes.

By ensuring the product is at the heart of that experience, Glenfiddich will bring real stories to life through flavor and taste cues. A true celebration of travel will be created. Always inspiring those to keep asking a question, “Where next?”, this event is to reward and recognize the strength of leadership and the Maverick’s history of embracing the unknown.