JW Marriott Istanbul Marmara Hotel: A Paradise for Holistic Wellness

JW Marriott Istanbul Sea of ​​Marmara

Famous designer Khuan Chew returns to Turkey and more specifically to Ataköy, a tranquil and refined district that embodies modern luxury with the latest hotel project, the JW Marriott Istanbul Marmara Hotel, and its unparalleled beachfront location.

The hotel’s aesthetic is inspired by the vibrant textures of Turkey, infusing them with the tranquil sensibility of the JW Marriott brand.

Thoughtful and intentional design that blends with the hotel’s holistic approach: every aspect of the JW Marriott Hotel Istanbul Marmara Sea is designed with guest well-being in mind.

Almost by tradition, Khuan’s shifts its intention from nature-driven design: guests are offered ample opportunity for quiet reflection, hidden enclaves of greenery and pools of tranquility framed by the innovative design that primarily characterizes the team. of KCA design.

The hall features a unique flying carpet art installation in homage to traditional Turkish craftsmanship with a contemporary twist, taking visitors on a journey of discovery from the start.


A member of Marriott International, the JW Marriott Istanbul Marmara Sea is a five-star hotel boasting a beachfront location in the Sea Pearl complex, close to Istanbul International Airport, the cultural, commercial and entertainment district. city ​​affairs.

With 204 rooms and suites, the hotel boasts a diverse collection of restaurants and bars that leave absolutely nothing to be desired. The hotel spa offers luxurious holistic treatments from around the world.

Designed by renowned interior designer, KCA International’s Khuan Chew and his teams in Dubai and London, the hotel’s interiors feature a contemporary look, letting in the light of the Sea of ​​Marmara, merging the best of sophistication, precision and simplicity, with the warmth of Turkish culture.


KCA chose a “water” theme representing the Bosphorus as a source of life, Istanbul’s lifeline through the centuries. It is reflected in the typical Turkish symbolic blue, captured in many of the hotel’s finishes.

Being at the center of civilization, and between Asia and Europe, KCA has drawn inspiration from the two diverse cultures in the different areas of the hotel.

JW Marriott Istanbul Sea of ​​Marmara


The history of Istanbul is depicted as the guest walks through the Sky Frame entrance which is at the heart of all the architecture and draws the eye all the way to the end with an unobstructed view of the sea. The “flying carpet chandelier is a first – and is a welcome note as it descends to the ground. It is the main focal point of this magnificent space that separates the Asian continent from Europe.


The F&B spaces vary from contemporary Turkish kitchens to a very European Bar Lounge. The details are carefully crafted to represent a more contemporary 21st century version of the historically relevant classic details, designs and motifs.

Modern and eclectic dining choices also include a gourmet specialty restaurant, an all-day dining restaurant, a classic tea room, and beachfront terraces. Each area has meaning, history, or purpose. For Miss Chew, interior design is always the key to the human relationship with space. Therefore, whether large spaces or intimate spaces, attention to detail and scale is of monumental importance, for the ultimate comfort and approval of the client.


Turkish hospitality is unique. The elegant and sumptuous rooms and suites offer generous space and have balconies overlooking either the Sea of ​​Marmara or the city skyline. From colors to textures, the interwoven influences of Europe and Asia are present in every space. The Sea of ​​Marmara sparkles thanks to KCA’s emphasis on natural lighting and a selection of stunning light installations, ensuring guests have a true sense of place each time they return.

JW Marriott Istanbul Sea of ​​Marmara


Function spaces are directly inspired by the life of the Bosphorus and the seas that connect it. It is a celebration of fishing tradition with the crystal pendants and bar screens. Reflective metallic wallcoverings depicting water and sky work in harmony, supporting and enhancing the scheme.


The Leisure and Spa areas offer a space of peace and tranquility. The superposition of forms is inspired by the travertine terraces of Pamukkale. The mosaic of interconnected abstract trees in the pool area is representative of Istanbul’s five forests. The natural environment is omnipresent.