Marea appoints Petra Peternel as CEO

DIFC’s renowned Italian hotspot, Marea Dubai, is proud to announce hospitality virtuoso Petra Peternel as its new Managing Director. The appointment is a natural progression in the brand’s growing reputation for world-class dining, with Petra set to take the DIFC restaurant to new heights. Petra has played a key role in the restaurant’s success since pre-opening, having been on the ground to witness the brand’s immersion into the DIFC dining and nightlife scene. As part of the Altamarea Group, Marea Dubai is one of DIFC’s few internationally recognized fine dining restaurants, following in the footsteps of its Michelin-starred sister restaurant and famed hotspot Marea New York, located on Central Park South in New York City. .

Prior to taking on the senior role of General Manager at Marea Dubai, Petra worked as Restaurant Manager and Beverage Manager and was part of the pre-opening team that brought the Marea brand to Dubai. Passionate about the world of hospitality and the food industry, Petra is a true oenophile at heart and was first interested in the art of wine production. With a career spanning 11 years, she has worked in wineries and other locations across Europe as a sales and marketing manager. She is also recognized as the creator and organizer of the first new Budapest Wine Festival and holds a WSET 3 Advanced Wine Certification. The WSET is globally recognized as the international standard in wine and spirits education. Petra is a versatile General Manager able to speak three languages ​​fluently. Her current goal is to master the Arabic language, which she studies as a hobby.

Petra moved to Dubai almost 5 years ago, to broaden her experience in the international hospitality and kitchen market. Initially, she began her hospitality career in Dubai working for the popular Turkish concept Ruya of the Dogus Group before venturing into the Italian-chic group Altamarea where she worked to bring Marea’s vision to life, in taking the concept to its refined New York setting. to the luxury DIFC stage. Years of hard work and dedication have seen Petra quickly rise through the ranks and she is thrilled to take on the role of CEO. Petra is ready to present the full Marea experience to guests, from the exceptional food and beverages on offer to the impeccable service, in an elegant yet comfortable ambience with a uniquely tailored hospitality experience for each guest.

Petra is set to oversee several global openings within the Altamarea Group and has set ambitious plans to capture the after-hours nightlife crowd at Marea this summer, with the support of her highly skilled team.