OYO Hotel Reviews, City Helps 16 Families With Rental Assistance So Far

INDIANAPOLIS — Residents say owners are on-site at Hotel OYO and handing out notices saying, “We are closing Hotel OYO for renovations. We would like to give everyone staying here two weeks notice. hotel in If you need a place to stay, we can accommodate you in different locations.”

Residents are offered a rate of $299.99 plus tax per week of $59.99 plus tax per day at other Indianapolis locations, including:

  • FairBridge Inn Express on South 602 East Thompson Road
  • Motel 6 at 4585 S Harding Street
  • FairBridge Inn Express Northwest at 9251 Wesleyan Road

The Indianapolis Office of Public Health and Safety told WRTV at 1 AM Today that the advisories have not yet been issued.

Nearly two weeks ago, the owner attempted to evict more than three dozen people who were staying there without notice. This happened during signs of excessive heat.

Several agencies stepped in to help.

“It was a huge community effort and there are a lot of families in this hotel who have been living there for weeks, months, years and so I think with the heat wave that we had when the electricity went out been cut it was essential that we got the power back on and these people did not become homeless because once someone becomes homeless it becomes even more difficult for them to find shelter,” said Andrew Merkley, homelessness and eviction prevention administrator.

So far, IOPHS says it has helped 16 families register for Indy rental assistance.

Merkley says the city is working with the John Boner Center to expedite the process and have those rent checks reduced within the next two weeks.

“I want everyone at the hotel to know that we continue to work hard to connect them to resources they can use on the next stage of their housing journey, and we will continue to work with them and the owner and to determine the best solution for them,” Merkley said.

He encourages those who still need help to apply online at Indyrent.org or contact Horizon House and Hawthrone Community Center for more resources.