Shake to satisfy your cravings

More Cravings by Marriott Bonvoy app is expected to be the largest culinary offering app across the UAE, in the face of ever-increasing market competition, providing endless dining experience to the Middle East market, available within reach of hand with interesting offers and promotions. .

The app will bring together the acclaimed and fabulous restaurants and lounges of all Marriott Bonvoy® participating hotels across the UAE, under one easy-to-use app. With the huge choice available and to help you define your cravings, just shake the app and it will generate restaurant suggestions near your location. On top of that, More Cravings will display all the deals and offers available at those locations, including unbeatable 2-for-1 deals and exciting partner promotions!

This interactive app not only aims to remove the complication and boredom of choosing a place to eat, but aspires to make finding the perfect restaurant an exciting and entertaining activity. As many restaurant owners in the UAE know, there are lots of apps that offer deals, and it can often get confusing and tedious, but the app will counter that. More Cravings aims to be a solution to all pre-dinner needs, including menu availability and table reservations. Moreover, the app also hosts an extensive list of 19 food categories including Kosher, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, etc. to ensure that you choose an ideal meal that suits all cravings.

The concept of the app, in addition to being fun and innovative, comes from one of the most trusted hotel groups in the world, Marriott Bonvoy, which offers award-winning bars and restaurants, including Toro Toro, Akira Back, Oak Room, Kitchen6, Indiya by Vineet, Cucina, JW Steakhouse and more.

Michel Nader, Regional Vice President – United Arab Emirates, Marriott International, said, “The app will transform the way we decide where and what to eat and inject a much-needed fun and interactive element into the hospitality and hospitality industry. Restoration. More Cravings will create an exciting space for couples, families and friends to choose and enjoy the perfect meal together and the best deals available.

The app shares beautiful visuals of both the restaurants themselves and the food they serve, to give the user an in-depth insight into the restaurant to make their perfect choice. The app itself is perfect not only for tourists and those who often frequent hotels, but also for local residents, looking for their ideal meal or the best deals in town.

More Cravings is here to completely disrupt the way we eat and solve all the tricky dining decisions! This fun way to eat will forever transform the restaurant industry and reform the way the region chooses to treat yourself and satisfy your cravings for meals at the restaurant.