Suspect dies after shooting with authorities at Houston hotel

According to Pasadena Police Chief John Bruegger, the 18-year-old was wanted for bail forfeiture in connection with a homicide charge. The police department later identified him as Alberto Rodriguez Jr.

Members of the Gulf Coast Violent Offender Task Force arrived at the hotel shortly before 10 a.m. to serve his arrest warrant. The team included officers from the Pasadena Police Department and US Marshalls.

Bruegger said the task force was in the parking lot preparing to serve the warrant when Rodriguez approached them. Apparently, he wasn’t following the team’s verbal requests.

He then lifted his shirt showing two handguns in his belt and started to reach for one. It was then that two members of the task force shot him several times.

Brueggar said the Harris County Sheriff’s Office will investigate the shooting. The county district attorney’s office will also be involved, as well as the Pasadena Department’s Internal Affairs and Investigations units.

Asked about the Rodriguezes, the Pasadena chief said his death was tragic for everyone involved.

“He still has a mother, a father,” he said. “It is a traumatic event, regardless of the circumstances for the officers involved. Taking a human life is a big deal.